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I just did the ALS challenge in my bathroom, with hot water, and soap. I used to just call it a shower but all the words on social media hypnotized me.

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Stephen Colbert on Late Night with Seth Meyers


TCR | 2007.03.12 | It reads: “Dear Stephen, As editor-in-chief of Marvel, I am burdened with the handling of our character’s estates and the sad event that a hero should perish before his time. Captain America’s will was read last Friday, and while heavy hearted, I am proud to announce the star spangled Avenger has bequeathed his most valuable possession, his indestructible shield, to the only man he believed had the red, white, and blue balls to carry the mantle. Stephen Colbert. Welcome to the Marvel Universe. Sincerely, Joe Quesada.

How can you but just love this?

Fellow Discordian Stephen Colbert…

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Judge: The way Utah picks state school board is unconstitutional

Well it seems the judge agrees with what I wrote here after my attempt to run for Utah’s school board back in 2012…

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Success is not just measured by a specific amount of dollars or brilliantly loyal fans but also by a number of envy-filled copycats and passive aggressive frenemies. Viva la Revolution!

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Everyone is worthy of having their past transgressions and debts forgiven. Redemption can be both a put and a call option (a condor or a butterfly)…

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9/11 serves as an enormous geopolitical Rorschach test wherein people offer forth assorted heretical narratives while completely distracted from everyday high probability risks like iatrogenic medicine and abuses of power. The conspiracy narrative and the official one spar back and forth, consuming your attention while you are quietly poisoned and your pocket is picked…

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Science was funded in large part by military endeavors in the 20th century. Perhaps this pairing explains why science has had a shady record with regards to experimenting on unwitting subjects. Perhaps it also explains why so many in the science community are in bed with big government types too? As it has been said before, it is hard to get a man to understand something (anarchism) when his pay check depends upon him not understanding it

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Is scapegoating a necessity? If so, is human sacrifice innate to human beings? Is utopia scapegoat-free?

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With the day to day frequency with which I see normal people act or speak very confidently upon poor information or shoddy logic it is no surprise to me how often history is littered with atrocity and grave injustices against innocents…