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Aggression is a very natural human behavior. This is why grounding the NAP in “natural law” is ultimately self-defeating. From my perspective, liberty is abundant since Personal Anarchy (PA) is everywhere Enforcement Zones (EZ) are not. As such, grounding your libertarianism in economics (i.e., the study of the means of allocating scarce resources amongst competing ends) is equally impotent too. In my opinion, the greatest argument for liberty is the argument from equality that goes like this; It is unfair for agents of the state to be able to do certain things (like taxing people, imprisoning people, executing people, etc.) that non-state agents would be punished for (like taxing people, imprisoning people, executing people, etc.). We need a new Magna Carta for this millennium…

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The Optimistic Anarchist: Why Personal Anarchy (PA) Is A Sustainable, Non-Utopian Anarchism (and good for your mental well-being too)…

People that have read my new Strange Attractor book know by now that I am not an “Anarcho-Capitalist”. One reason is because I believe Anarcho-Capitalism, as it has been presented by its best advocates, is utopian. Since I am uninterested in immanentizing the eschaton I will just have to remain an anarchist without a hyphen.

Instead, I’ve come to realize the fact that I already have tons of what I like to call Personal Anarchism (PA) as long as I steer well clear of Enforcement Zones (EZ). For clarity, I define an EZ as any place where rules/laws/codes are actively enforced with threat of punishment. For example, when you drive the speed limit only because there is a highway patrol person watching you, then you are in an EZ. When you drive freely (i.e., most likely illegally) as soon as they are no longer able to enforce their law, then you have left an EZ. EZs are few and far between actually, especially if you make a little effort to avoid them.

As such, I believe anyone obeying “the law” simply because it is
"the law" outside of an Enforcement Zone has been effectively hypnotized by the state. Fortunately, most people are already unwittingly practicing Personal Anarchism

It is my opinion that PA is the only sort of viable, sustainable anarchism since it really relies on no one else’s participation. “No cop, no stop”, as the saying goes. Always remember, liberty is what you can get away with. 

I place PA in the pantheon of the Individualist Anarchist tradition and some of you may have noticed a kinship between my PA concept and the idea of Temporary Autonomous Zones (TAZ). In some ways, my notion of PA flips the notion of a TAZ on its head, and this is where the ‘optimism” comes in.

The TAZ concept seems more pessimistic; it is only  temporary and relegated to “zones”. PAs and EZs, on the other hand, remind us of the permanence and near ubiquity of liberty that most of us reading this experience everyday. In this sense, as anarchists many of us have already won and we only have a few small fires (EZs) to put out (or avoid).

Remember, the EZs are small (for the most part, there are exceptions unfortunately) and we can help keep it that way by embracing and promoting personal cryptography and the irrelevance of state employment. 

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Sharks have been around since the dinosaurs. They are really in tune with the universe. What does that say about the universe? This one, not the Sharknado universe…

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Robbery, the Ferguson police response, and looting are all shitty. Both the state of Israel and Hamas are shitty. Please stop being hypnotized by knee-jerk, “either-or” remedial group think so that future innocent people may escape becoming “collateral damage”. It’s all shitty to varying degrees. The sports team fan mentality really doesn’t cut it anymore…

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Video: LAPD seeks to limit civilian drone flights over police stations

Let’s trade. You limit government drone flights over civilian space and we will limit civilian drone flights over government space. #DemandEquality

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